Garden care

WIP project. App to help taking care of the garden. An easy way of tracking the plants and having useful personalized information about them in your mobile on a very simple, clean and user friendly app with a beautiful warm and inviting UI design.


It keeps a personalized inventory of plants that can be modified and where advices and information about each plant can be found, plus some recipes about each plant. It also advices about what plant to sow depending on the moment of the year, location or type of garden. The app will notify the user when recollection should be done.

main design concept

Warm, friendly and inviting has been the three main ideas that have been represented through the brand design. The mix of green and orange representing earthy colors and the sans serif typography creates a balance of a clean and reliable product and at the same time approachable and casual.


This concept was created from the beginning, being able to design in depth the psychology of the app in order to create a functional and friendly design and a MVP product with essential features.



Montserrat Light
Montserrat Bold

color palette






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