WIP project. This is a F2P mobile videogame based on the concept of the classic pinball machines and visually inspired on a vintage circus. It has a casual and simple mechanic to be able to reach a broader target. I participated in this project designing all the visuals, including assets, illustration, graphic design, branding and UX/UI design from the concept to the final design.

the game

During the game the aim is to reach as many points as possible through hitting with the marble the bouncers, gems, coins or any other surprising item that might appear during the one hundred scenarios that the game can offer. With those points the user will be able to buy different marbles, tables with various circus characters, more gems or upgrade the bouncers in order to have more points per hit.

the visual style

The classic pinball and the circus are the main concepts mixed together in a very simple and clean way. In order to avoid overwhelming information the design was simplified through the use of red and warm colors on the first layer for important elements and moving blue and cold colors to the background.


Some complex problems of UX design where solved on the top menu by simplifying bars and reorganizing the original briefing idea. In the same way, the upgrade screen was challenging and was successfully solved with a much more communicative and clear UX design.


Soup of Justice

color palette








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