Go Go Chameleon

WIP project. Premium 2D platform mobile videogame themed in a chameleon that changes his skin color when going through the flowers in the different scenarios. I participated in this project designing all the visuals, including assets, all levels illustrations, graphic design, branding and UX/UI design from the concept to the final design.

the game

The game consists of helping the chameleon avoid the obstacles by clicking the right color and make him jump while he is running. It offers different worlds such as a jungle, a dessert or a mine with tons of levels in each world.

the visual style

Working with so many color options as a requirement for the level design was challenging in terms of visual design, as it requires a contrasting color palette for the main character that would be differentiated easily by the user and would work well with the illustrations, backgrounds and other assets.

color palette






Assets & Illustrations

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